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Bianca Turner

Bianca Turner

AltCity São Paulo

Bianca is a multimedia artist, designing video installations and performances, exploring the dialectic between theatre and video, and the perception of time and space on stage through images

Bianca Turner

She is currently working in the theatre hip-hop group Nucleo Bartolomeu Testimonials, developing set design and video projection shows, speeches, performances and installations.

Their work is interdisciplinary, in that it involves much more than just the scenic design, exploring the relationship between physical space and the viewer with art and design as a sensory enhancer.

Why did you sign up for CityMix São Paulo and the creative process with British Council and Marshmallow Laser Feast?

I applied because I have been following the work of this group for years. I lived in London for six years studying set design and digital performance, and the use of video projection in intermedia and multimedia theatre. The use of technology is a controversial topic in the history of art since the advancement of technology by itself is inserted in galleries as art but is merely interactive installation with little conceptual sustenance.

However the work of Marshmallow Laser Feast presents a conceptual line that stands out in this field and which to me would be a great opportunity as well as an exchange and artistic growth experience.

Artistic development exchanges with other artists are by far the encounters that boost my work, and I believe that not only the encounter with the collective but also with other Brazilian artists in this research would be of immense value.

Bianca Turner | A montage of multimedia work

Describe how you can contribute to the creative process?

I have interest in the creative process of dividing lines. My work now explores the invisible and subjective line of the eye of the beholder. The idea of ​​the dividing line between two divergent narratives for me relates to the urban memory and the intersection of divergent life experiences in meetings, thus creating a temporary autonomous zone.

My artistic practice has over the last years exploited the memory contained in objects, and the performative use of props and video projections. From the study of the past of the object in parallel with the subjectivity of the observer.