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Bhavani Esapathi

Bhavani Esapathi

Global Futr Lab Participant 2015

Bhavani Esapathi is a writer and researcher on digital culture & tech innovation within the creative sector. She is taking part in British Council/ FutureEverything's Global Futr Lab At FutureEverything, Manchester in February 2015.

Bhavani regularly speaks on digital arts management and social engagement for cultural institutions, and has worked extensively with startups and organisations bringing technology-led projects to the social front. Her most recent work looks at how digital narratives can help us collectively respond and support communities both online and offline. 

 Her project Chronically Driven (CD) is a social innovation project restructuring digital narratives around chronic conditions, not recognised in the mainstream media. Besides promoting social awareness around these conditions with real stories told by real people, it is a platform that is transforming public understanding of invisible medical conditions. The project aspires to become a knowledge repository of inspiration and informative content providing constructive hacks for the body and mind to efficiently tackle the everyday battles that come with numerous medical conditions. It is modelled on the principles of Aikido, where what holds you back is used to propel one to move forwards

Since being a part of Global Futr Lab, Bhavani has been offered an RSA Fellowship, chosen for arts & technology pilot at Near Now Studios as part of Arts Council England & Innovate UK and asked to write for The Huffington Post.