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Ben Barker

Ben Barker

UnBox LABS 2014 participant

Ben Barker is an experience designer and founder of design practice PAN Studio, producing interactive objects for installations and immersive theatre, and creating experimental objects designed to find new ways of enriching everyday living.

PAN Studio creates interactive installations and experimental objects designed to find new ways of enriching everyday living. PAN’s work explores the significance of experience when used as the key element in the creation of new objects, systems or services.

"We are a generation of designers for whom the Internet of things is impossible to ignore, we understand that objects are often the visible element in far more complex systems, whether that's BERG’s Little Printer or a bin that knows when it's full.”

Recent work has focused on the digital reclamation of public space for playful interactions. Their projects include Design of the Year shortlisted Hello Lamp Post, a city-wide platform for play, and Run an Empire, a territory control strategy game that you play in the space around you.

“Hello Lamp Post! uncovers the whispers on the street, the guardians in dark corners, humanising our cities' appendages whose eyes and ears now have a voice. Vessels for an ever evolving conversation, connecting us together." Imogen Heap

“All of our projects enable different communities to work together, creating an ‘in-between space’, where new ideas can emerge and disrupt the usual way of doing things. We believe people can have profound experiences in designed environments, and exploration of this space sits at the core of what we do.”

Ben participated in Unbox LABS in Ahmedabad, India. UnBox LABS is a British Council supported programme that enabled practitioners from the UK and India to collaboratively explore social and urban issues.