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Bassem Elhady

Bassem Elhady


Bassem is an Egyptian Computer and Systems Engineer and Social Entrepreneur. He co-founded social media firm Kijamii and TEDxCairo.

Two months after the revolution in Egypt in 2011, Bassem set up Kijamii, a social media agency, in Cairo.

“Kijamii’s success is down to being genuinely passionate about social media and the way it is changing everything around us politically and socially. The key to working successfully in social media is adopting the same mechanics as bringing people together. It’s about not only being able to tell stories, but also listening to people and allowing them to discover things by themselves.”

Bassem is a passionate advocate of collaboration: working with the creative community in Cairo and connecting them into networks in Egypt and beyond. As the Co-founder of TEDxCairo, he plays a central role in inspiring and creating change as well as providing him with a platform where Egypt’s leading visionaries, thinkers and storytellers can meet, talk and form their own networks.

Bassem was Egypt’s winner in of the British Council’s 2009 Young Creative Entrepreneur (Interactive Media) award. In 2012, he also co-curated the first British Council Culture Shift programme in Egypt.