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Basar Under

Basar Under

Creative Enterprise Training Participant

Basar Under is an alum of our Nesta Creative Enterprise training in Turkey. His company Sonik Butik specialises in music production.

Sonik Butik: Creating Sound Banks for Movies & Games

Sonik Butik, founded and operated by Basar Under in 2012, was the first music company for video games in Turkey.  Basar has since shifted his focus from games to working with acclaimed cinema productions.  Basar attended the enterprise training in Izmir in February 2014.

Korhan Oraydin

Aligning with Market Trends

An audio engineer by profession, Basar created Sonik Butik during tough economic times in Turkey. Venturing into an industry during financial crisis taught Basar a number of valuable lessons in analysing market trends to respond appropriately by changing his strategies. Basar was quick to foresee where the market was headed and moved towards producing music for movies instead of just focusing on video games.

Selling Without a Product

Basar recognized that the music industry no longer has a physical product, so he had to look elsewhere to find a viable avenue to continue working on his passion. “You need to be able to see into the future,” says Basar, “in the workshop I was focused on sound libraries and then realised I was thinking of creating new products to sell whereas I already had my products - my music”. Finding the right collaborators and packaging the content in the right form was core to Sonik Butik’s success.

Learning Everyday

Basar reflects on the tools and exercises from the Toolkit almost everyday, from maintaining cashflow to bookkeeping. As a musician, he says “numbers aren’t really my strong point”, so he thinks this is where the Toolkit has been immeasurably helpful. “You have an idea and you think it’s easy to execute, but it’s not. You need to evaluate and analyse before executing an idea and that’s what the Toolkit taught me”.

Antalya Orange Film Festival Award 2014

Find your Collaborators

Basar says “the challenge is to find the right collaborators." In 2014, Sonik Butik worked on two movies and started a project with DOT, an innovative theatre company. He hopes to go on a European trip with them. Realising that everything is a choice and making sure all choices fit with the company’s larger strategic goals have been central to every decision Basar takes.

The Skills You Don’t Think You Need

Basar thinks sustaining a business is about the soft skills such as communicating with studio members and personal time management. He also learned a lot from his fellow Toolkit workshop participant’s ideas - he cites one particular fashion entrepreneur as offering him useful new insights. He also gets to meet lots of interesting new people in the co-working space Sonik Butik is based in.

“Expect the Unexpected”

Sonik Butik’s goals have transformed over the years, from working in video games to movies to collaborating with theatre companies. “When you create something the world doesn’t just receive it the exact way you want it to” and it’s getting the clarity to move and “find your own place as an artist and as a business” that Basar believes has been central to his success. The best advice he can think of for an emerging creative entrepreneur is to not just follow your passion but ensure that it’s “sustainable and distributable: explore as many channels as possible”.