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Asa Calow

Asa Calow

Participant - 'Living Research: Making in China'

Self-taught creative technologist, civic hacker, amateur biotechnologist, mathematician, and co-founder of MadLab.

© Rachel Turner

Asa Calow is a freelance creative technologist based in Manchester, UK. With over a decade’s industry experience he has worked on a range of social and commercial projects: from intranet web services for 3i and AstraZeneca through to hardware prototyping and co-design with hard to reach communities in North West England and data-driven textual analysis technology for a Yorkshire based startup. 

He is a founder/director of the Manchester Digital Laboratory AKA MadLab, a community space for science, technology and art in Manchester City Centre. MadLab hosts meetups and workshops on everything from WordPress and Arduino through to DSLR film-making, 3D printing, “girl geeks”, coding for under-18s and more. He is also the organiser of DIYbio Manchester, “an institution for the do-it-yourself biologist”, as well as being a keen cook and accomplished home mixologist.

Asa is a participant on 'Living Research: Making in China', helping us to understand Chinese maker culture through practical creativity and collaboration.