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Arvin Miracelova

Arvin Miracelova


Arvin established the QB Youth/SMTV project in 2008, as a platform for cross-disciplinary collaborations and meaningful professional experience for creative media students in Indonesia.

The idea was to develop the potential of local content building in regions across Indonesia through one Screen Knowledge Center (SCE) with the support of local human resources, crucially young people. Currently the SCE model consists of a learning TV station (Talents on Screen /TOS Academy) and an on air television programme (Student Music Television/SMTV). These initiatives have allowed two active creative communities, students and indie musicians, to work together on creating a music entertainment TV programme which is then broadcast through the SMTV network to over 30 TV stations around the country. Other productions have included tourism promos, music films, student screen competitions, etc. Piloted in Jakarta TOS Academy is soon branching out to territories across Indonesia .

Arvin is also the founder of the Miracelova Screen Institute, which involves youth and local communities in several independent production projects, including indie movies, TV episodes and feature documentaries.