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Anupam Mediratta

Anupam Mediratta

UnBox fellowship participant 2013

Anupam Mediratta has a background in computer programming and technology.

Anunpam runs the tech startup, ‘ClearTax.’ in Delhi.Prior to this, he worked for a Silicon Valley startup in California.He graduated from IIT Guwahati and Rutgers University.

Anunpam took part in the UnBox 2013 fellowship programme.

He has worked on collaborative projects before at the intersection of computer science and finance, and thinks that collaborative work results in some of the most influential work.

He says ‘this is because experts in this field always have a blind side towards their shortcomings, which someone from a complementary branch can fill-up.’

Anunpam has built software and always finds it useful to run what he does by designers. ‘[I have] often observed how simple solutions offered to us by them help us move forward from problems that sometimes tease us for many days.’