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Annette Mees

Annette Mees

UNBOX Caravan

Annette is a director and artist based in the UK. She is currently a Creative Fellow of WIRED and The Space. She makes interactive experiences that explore big ideas about how we want to live together and the futures we want to create

She was trained at the Royal Academy of the Arts in The Netherlands, while living in the country’s hackers HQ. This combination led to an artistic practice focussed on live connections and digital possibilities, with the audience as its hero.

She is currently developing The Almanac of the Future a global inter-generational project that will work with 15 and 65 year-olds on each of the continents to create a digital almanac planning possible journeys to futures we want 50 years from now. She works as a consultant on interactive projects, advises and speaks nationally and internationally on audience interaction, the integration of live and digital work and how to make beautiful experiences that allow for a real dialogue with audiences.