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Aneesh Varma

Aneesh Varma

YCE Finalist

Aneesh Varma is a co-founder of FabriQate, an award-winning international Digital Media Agency.

FabriQate now employs 30 staff across 4 countries and has been recognized as an HSBC Startup Star 2009, LDA KnowledgeConnect Award 2009 and Leading Innovator 2008 by Redcliffe Capital.

His prior experiences include corporate finance, venture capital and information systems technology in New York and London. He has worked at JPMorgan Investment Bank in M&A advisory and IPOs focusing on clients in Financial Technology and Specialty Finance such as Visa Inc, TSYS, Synovus, Tata and Jaguar. He has also spent time with various startups during his university years which gave him a keen insight into the entrepreneurial mindset.

Currently based in London, he is actively involved in the London Entrepreneurs Network. Aneesh holds dual degrees in Information & Systems Engineering and Finance from Lehigh University, PA, USA. Aneesh is also a Martindale Scholar with research work in growth of capital markets in emerging markets. Interests include traveling, adventure sports and culinary epicureanism.

Aneesh was one of the finalists of the UK YCE Interactive Award 2009