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Agel Teles Pimenta

Agel Teles Pimenta

AltCity São Paulo

Agel is currently studying a Master's degree in Aesthetics and Art History, the Museum of Contemporary Art in University of São Paulo - USp

Agel Teles Pimenta | Graffiti video projection in the Vila Madalena Art event

Brief curriculum

The theme of my research is the activist art in the metropolis, on artistic video mapping. Choosing the Office Augusta Park as a case study, I went to the field shooting demonstrations, interventions by the collective in support of the struggle for Land Augusta Park.

And since demonstrations of June 2013, I have been following the scene of political and artistic movement in São Paulo. A few years ago, I made some interventions in the city, which are available for view I have on Vimeo

Why did you sign up for CityMix São Paulo and the creative process with British Council and Marshmallow Laser Feast?

Researching the work of the collective awakened me MLF's will carry the look to another level when it says about the image. Extrapolate, make sensitive and unimaginable connections. And also to work with mapping and software that I certainly do not know.

Agel Pimenta | Taken during The Ciranda Summer Festival

Finally, near the collective work, I am amateur. I do not live in my art. So it would be a great opportunity to do this immersion with the collective power and me develop and perhaps is not the start for me to tread my path as an artist as I am to the point unsafe to assume and risk.

Describe how you can contribute to the creative process

I believe that by being inserted in the artistic context and research in urban areas, mainly in São Paulo, I can contribute some analysis or point of view of landscape and contrasts found in the metropolis.

I like to build stories through images, so wherever possible I explore the visual language through photo and video. I try to think of visual aesthetics as a tool for reflection and questioning. For the rest, I think I'll have much more to learn from the people involved in the process.