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Adebayo Adegbembo

Adebayo Adegbembo

Global Futr Lab Participant 2015

Adebayo is the founder and lead Programmer at Genii Games Limited. He is taking part in British Council/ FutureEverything's Global Futr Lab At FutureEverything, Manchester in February 2015.

Genii Games' growing brand Asa (meaning culture in Yoruba) is driven towards promoting and preserving indigenous African cultures among children using technology.  Originally trained as a Surveying Engineer, Adebayo got into computer programming and digital animation to fulfil his love for writing, technology and arts.

Asa (meaning culture in Yoruba) is a growing collection of interactive African Culture teaching apps and videos that run on mobile and web platforms. It combines animation, games, colourful graphics, texts, voice and sounds to teach kids about African languages, folktales, folk songs, ethics and etiquette.

 Asa’s vision is to promote and preserve African cultures among kids aged 2-12 across the globe and responds to the declining interest and knowledge of indigenous African cultural traditions. Asa realises its vision by leveraging technology and innovation to creatively drive interests among kids.