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31 August 2022

Indonesia | Mapping creative hubs and practitioners in Jakarta

An opportunity to map creative practitioners and creative hubs in Jakarta to further develop the creative thriving creative economy in the city.

Open call opportunity

To further develop the creative economy in Jakarta, it is essential to undertake a mapping of the creative practitioners and hubs in the city. This research will be important to create policy recommendations that will accelerate new economic growth. 


We are requesting proposals from researchers, which can include creative professionals, hub leaders, research agencies, or independent consultants. We are commissioning a situational analysis of creative hubs and creative practitioners across the city of Jakarta which includes conducting surveys and interviews with hub leaders/managers to provide insight for stakeholders on the work that has been done by creatives in Jakarta and the impact they’ve created. 


  • A comparative study between UK and Indonesia to provide deeper analysis on data findings. 
  • Identify potential programme collaborations between UK and Jakarta. 
  • Identify stakeholders, organisations and individuals who are keen to be a part of creative collaborations between UK and Jakarta. 
  • Report writing and editing. 
  • Final report including policy recommendations to develop the creative sector. 



An online Q&A session will be hosted for potential applicants on 8 September 2022 at 9AM BST. Join the live session using this link.

Submitting your application

Download the RFP to apply here.