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30 August 2022

Invitation to Tender | Mexico, Brazil, Peru | Sustainability Mentoring Programme

UK suppliers are needed to design and facilitate an online mentoring scheme focused on sustainability best practices in the creative and cultural sectors.

Invitation to Tender Cultura Circular

Cultura Circular is a programme in Mexico, Brazil and Peru that focuses on collaborations and sustainability within the festival ecosystem. As part of the programme there will be an online mentoring scheme which will provide partcipants with knowledge and experience of sustainability best practices in the creative and cultural sectors.

Invitation to Tender

We invite proposals from UK suppliers with a solid experience in developing and delivering international online training, to design and facilitate the methodology and content for a multi-country programme.

Mentoring Scheme

The programme includes an online mentoring scheme focused on sustainable management competencies and capacity-building training for festival practitioners.

The UK supplier will design the international online mentoring scheme combining

  • mentoring,
  • networking, and
  • other capacity-building activities such as conferences and panels. 

Participants will be provided with support, guidance, and capacity building to develop transformational behaviour change, alongside conversations on climate action across cultural projects.


A final report will be created, compiling insights from the three countries with:

  • information gathered during the programme,
  • a monitoring and evaluation plan,
  • recommendations for future cultural sustainable work, and
  • festival deliverable outcome.

Networking & Collaborations

As part of the programme, UK festival practitioners will develop collaborations between Mexico, Brazil and Perú. Networking sessions will be held between the three countries’ festivals beneficiaries and UL festival practictioners.


Design and deliver an online mentoring scheme for up to 15 festival practioners in Mexico, Brazil and Peru.


Q&A Webinar

An online Q&A session will be hosted for potential applicants on 5 September 2022 at 12pm.  Join the live session using this link.

Submitting your application

Full objectives and specifics can be found here.