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19 November 2020

(Closed) Open call: Producer for an online learning programme with creative hubs in Southeast Asia

We are inviting proposals from organisations or individuals who can work as a Producer, coordinating with creative hub leaders from Southeast Asia and the UK, to create an online learning series for creative hubs.

workshop photo by Reginald Sarmenta

The Online Learning Development for Creative Hubs project is a new initiative that produces new content tailor made for creative hubs and their communities. Through a dynamic online platform and exciting digital content, it will respond to the learning and skills needs of hub leaders, creative entrepreneurs and cultural professionals within Southeast Asia. Apart from creating a new learning offer, the project also aims to further strengthen an international network of hub leaders who will act as advisers in the development of the content.    

In response to the global pandemic, the British Council curated and hosted a series of online conversations for creative hubs, exploring the great uncertainties brought about by COVID-19 and how different parts of the world have tackled these. Throughout the three Communities of a New Future online fora, we have managed to collect immediate needs and challenges for hub leaders in SEA through our live audit tools. Support for digitisation and digitalisation, hybrid business models and new ways to monetise work, new means of engaging (and supporting) communities (online), new use for creative spaces are the distilled topics for which creative hubs would require insight, support or skills. 

Online content has seen a massive increase in demand and offer across all sectors, including education and culture and arts, but quality is still key. Many of the creative hubs in our network are also training providers in normal circumstances, however translating face-to-face learning content for online delivery is not straightforward. We are thus launching an initiative that would produce new online content tailor made WITH and FOR creative hubs

The British Council invites proposals to curate and produce an online learning programme with and for creative hub leaders. The commission is for a period of 3 months, starting in January 2021. Through this initiative 10-15 SEA creative hub leaders will be engaged in the Project Board to contribute to producing online learning content, whilst helping the Producer analyse needs and test content and approaches. The participating SEA hub leaders will be recruited through an open call run by British Council in each country. In 2021, and this programme will run from January to April, when we expect the outputs to be ready to be shared online. 

The objective of the online learning programme (part of the Hubs for Good regional programme) is two-fold: firstly, to produce content that would support hub leaders in building new skills, and secondly to help hub leaders learn about the process of developing their own online learning offers (transfer of skills from face-to-face education/training programme to online formats). Ultimately this would lead to empower and build confidence of hub leaders by promoting their expertise and roles in building online learning offers. 

Photo by You X Ventures on Unsplash

Photo by You X Ventures on Unsplash

The Opportunity 

The Producer will lead on programming and producing the online learning offer. The budget managed by the Supplier is up to £55,000 GBP (VAT included), which should include the proposed fee of the Supplier. The Supplier will be responsible for: 

  • Managing a budget of up to £55,000 which should cover all costs of the programme (including supplier fee and fees for all UK professionals involved, standard fees for hub leaders involved in the project, and VAT). 
  • Use focus groups (or other convening methods) and previous research findings to streamline a structure for the programme; 
  • Coordinate creative hubs from SEA (convene meetings according to an activities plan), to input and help define and test the content, thus providing SEA creative hubs with the experience of the process.  
  • Draft a brief needs analysis report based on conversations with creative hubs and existing literature, to be reviewed together with British Council before production process starts. 
  • Bring in the relevant UK sector experts to develop and curate the content (including for example contract expertise where necessary, ensure fee payments, IP releases, etc.) 
  • Manage the technical side of the production process (either within their organisation/partnership or with external/other service providers) such as video/sound editing, digital and design (to include British Council branding), and any legal/IP provisions, etc., if/as applicable. 
  • Provide the final package of content, which British Council would then manage on a digital platform.  


We are open to application from a range of organisations and individuals based in the UK or in Southeast Asia who are a creative hub; OR a creative professional; OR a creative/educational organisation or institution; OR a partnership between/among any of the above. 


To submit a proposal please download and read the instructions and further context included in the RFP pack.

The pack includes the core RFP which covers specifications, deliverables and proposal guidance, and additional application annexes. Proposals must include a pricing approach.  

The deadline for proposals is 3 January 2021, 23.59 GMT. 

Clarification questions and proposals should be sent to and by  16 December 2020.



The Creative Hubs for Good programme is a three-year initiative led by the British Council in the Southeast Asia region. It aims to support creative hub leaders from across the region (Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines, and in Indonesia through DICE) in developing skills relevant to running a creative hub, forging new connections and engaging with their peers, as well as policy makers. In each of the 5 countries, the British Council is running tailored activities, adapted to specific needs of local creative hubs, but feeding into the regional umbrella programme.