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28 August 2020

(Closed) Open Call: Curate PlayUK

We’re seeking the next curator for PlayUK in the Western Balkans

This open call is for a British or UK-based curator to create and co-produce the next edition of PlayUK. We are looking for proposals from individuals or collectives for a programme to showcase, exchange knowledge and share new practices in the process of game-making that connects UK and Western Balkan creatives.

PlayUK is the British Council's platform for supporting creativity in digital art, offering access to new skills and knowledge that strengthens creative collaboration across art and technology. Previous editions of PlayUK have covered programming, gaming, virtual reality, augmented reality, animation, interactive and narrative design. You can learn more about previous editions of PlayUK here.

With this new edition of PlayUK we’re looking to showcase new work, intensify links between UK and Western Balkans, and provide learning and mentoring opportunities. All events of this edition of PlayUK will take place online and should consist of:

  • Bi-weekly online workshops and talks: developing creative, technical and business skills appropriate for indie games and smaller teams. October 2020 – April 2021
  • Online conference and showcase: profiling new work and practitioners in an inventive and engaging online format
  • Mentorship programme: supporting practicitioners and small studios from the games development community in Western Balkans until end of March 2021

The appointed curator will:

  • Design and curate a talks programme as a comprehensive learning journey
  • Agree topics, engage and enable contact with speakers
  • Design an online conference and showcase (date TBC before 31 March 2021);
  • Design and implement a 10-hour consultation and mentorship programme for each of the 10 projects in development from Western Balkans/Wider Europe with UK mentors.

The selected curator will receive a £20,000 curator’s fee. British Council will also provide:

  • Contracting and fees for the speakers (£500) and mentors (£2,500)
  • Technical support for implementation of online programmes
  • Access to Western Balkans network of speakers and professionals to complement the UK speaker programme of the conference


Please email your proposal or any questions to Your proposal, should be 3 pages (max) and include:

  • Introduction to yourself/your collective and relevant experience (max 500 words)
  • Your outline response and approach to developing the programme, including:
    • Talks & conference – your approach for structuring online programming and main areas of focus (eg. any key example speakers or topics)
    • Online showcase – your vision and ambition inc. any key example work
    • Mentorship – approach for shaping a 6-month learning journey

All proposals will be treated as confidential with the IP of unsuccessful applications remaining with the applicant.