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13 August 2020

(Closed) Open Call: Innovation for Culture Mexico (MEX)/Innovación para la Cultura

The British Council invites proposals from Mexican consultants and organisations to design and deliver a participatory public innovation process as part of a new programme in partnership with Ministry of Culture Jalisco and British Council Mexico.

In partnership with the Ministry of Culture, Cultura Jalisco, Innovation for Culture is a public innovation programme with the specific aim to shape new cultural policy for the state of Jalisco. The vision is to create and publish a series of policy recommendations for the development of the post Covid-19 cultural sector in Jalisco through a community led process.

The British Council invites proposals from Mexican consultants and organisations to create a bi-lateral participatory public process with specific responsibilities in research and development (R&D), co-facilitation of activities, data processing, and high-standard report writing. The Innovation for Culture programme will be collaboratively shaped by UK (recruiting now) and Mexico and receive support from the programme steering team (recruiting now). 

About Jalisco

Located in the western coast of Mexico, Jalisco is one of the 32 states that comprise the Mexican federation. With a population of 7.5 million people, Jalisco is the third largest state in terms of population size, commercial and cultural activities. Guadalajara, it’s capital, is the second largest city and one of the most impactful forces of economic development of the country. Jalisco is pioneering avant-garde creative industries through public and private investment in digital development. It has a very solid animation and digital sector, and in 2017, Guadalajara was designated a Creative City of Media Arts by UNESCO.

The Opportunity

The selected Mexican partner will co-design and deliver a participatory public innovation process leading to the creation of policy recommendations and new methodogy for future policy design. 

The core objectives include: 

  • Bring new decision-making tools and techniques to Cultura Jalisco through the prototyping of participatory public innovation processes. 
  • Deliver a set of policy recommendations in the form of a policy briefing, report or white paper. This will be a product of wide-ranging consultation and co-designed digital and participatory activities.
  • Create awareness and set best practice standards on mainstreaming EDI tools and processes in public programmes.

The UK and Mexico partner will co-shape a programme informed by research provided by British Council and insight in Mexico's existing policy and creative ecosystems. The core activities will be chosen by the selected UK and Mexico partners, and by the end of the programme the partners will present policy recommends as well as framework for future policy design and methodologies.

The maximum budget available is $638,000.00 MXN, (IVA included). Proposals must include a pricing approach to determine value for money.


To submit a proposal for the opportunity please download and read the instructions included the RFP pack. The pack includes the core RFP which covers specifications, deliverables and proposal guidance, and additional application annexes. 

The deadline for clarification questions is 24 August 23.59 CDT

The deadline for proposals is 13 September 23.59 CDT

Clarification questions and proposals should be sent to