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2 September 2019

(closed) Calling UK hubs: apply now for Hubs as Hosts

We're inviting proposals from creative hubs from the UK to take part in Hubs as Hosts; an exchange programme of hub managers across eight Southern Africa and UK to come together to inspire, connect and generate new ideas.

Hubs As Hosts has been developed by the British Council, with the aim of encouraging mutual sharing of knowledge, skills, best practice models, community building, and where the desire exists collaboration / partnership, between hub managers in Africa and the UK.

Hubs as Hosts will see a selection of established Southern African hub managers travelling to the UK for a week-long curated trip. On this trip, they will engage with various established hubs and hub managers. This, with a specific focus on connecting with, creating and building partnerships with eight UK hubs, towards a partnership grant.

The partnership grant is an opportunity for UK and Southern African hubs to work on a project in partnership, for which they will submit proposals. 

Part of this partnership project will see all the  selected Hubs Managers (UK and Southern African) travel to Zimbabwe in March 2020 for the British Council’s SOCreative Hub Forum/Junxtion. The forum brings togetherhub managers, hub users and key stakeholders in Sub Southern Africa and UK, to connect, share and network towards building a stronger creative economy eco-systems.

Successful applicants will have the following opportunties: 

  • Engage with local hubs through participating in the hubs tour in the UK with the selected Southern African hubs
  • Partnership grant with Southern African hub
  • New programming opportunities and resource for their network
  • Professional development opportunities for themselves and their members
  • Gain international and regional exchange/connections
  • Building their business model
  • Participation at the SOCreative Hub Forum in Harare, Zimbabwe, in March 2020

Application requirements: 

  • The creative hubs must cater to creatives aged 18 – 35 years
  • Hubs need to have been in existence for at least five years, OR have a strong and demonstratable creative business model
  • Creative hub must have a desire to expand their networks and develop partnership with a Southern African hub
  • Creative hub must be looking for new ideas to include in their programme and/or reshaping their current models
  • Must be available to take a week off in November to be part of the hubs tour
  • Hub manager must live in and have a valid passport (minimum of six months) from one of the eligible countries*
  • Hub manager must be available to travel to Zimbabwe in March 2020
  • Hubs that have received grants from British Council in the last two years are not eligible to apply.

Deadline for applications: 29 September 2019 

Apply now