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11 July 2019

Stories from Edges and Contours at Unbox 2019

Invisible Flock led a UK group of practitioners to UnBox to participate in a 3 day Lab with Quicksand. The creatives from the Lab share their stories, thoughts and feelings.

As part of UnBox Festival 2019 and three day Edges and Contours Lab, Invisible Flock and Quicksand facilitated a new network of 10 artists and creatives from the UK and India with diverse backgrounds focused on building meaningful, cross-disciplinary collaborations within environmental and socially engaged practices.

The network was formed of five participants from the UK, five from India and one from Uganda, who met and explored mutual connections during the four day Lab and at UnBox 2019. Four days working together in advance of the festival resulted in a number of separate outputs for the festival in varying forms, eg workshops, installations, participatory experiences, essays etc. Relationships and collaborations were built through mutual interests and areas of focus, naturally facilitated during the first day of the lab.

During the same period, Invisible Flock and Quicksand worked together on a new project, Earth Tones, an environmental installation, created from mapped ecosystems and landscapes, questioning how we communicate complex environmental data.

Read more from participating artists from the UK and India share their some of their ideas, thoughts and experiences on Edges and Contours