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18 May 2018

Living Research week 1: Chengdu

Our delegates started their research trip in the city of Chengdu, the capital of the Sichuan province located in the Southwest of China

Steve Coombs

The Living Research delegates at West Village Basis Yard in Chengdu

Our Living Research cohort had a very busy first week in Chengdu. The schedule included a whistle-stop tour of more than 15 organisations across Chengdu’s making sector with in-depth visits and interviews as well as public facing events to engage with the wider community. 

Discover in our slideshow a summary of their week in Chengdu

Our next blog will explore in detail the connections and insights uncovered during the mapping session, including a map of the maker ecosystem in Chengdu.

The Living Research: Making in China programme is a partnership between the British Council and the Arts and Humanities Research Council. 

In China, the British Council has partnered with MakerNet to co-develop the project in Chengdu and Xi'an.