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24 August 2017

How to future proof your creative hub

The European Creative Hubs Network announces its third and final skills workshop for creative hub leaders, taking place in Edinburgh on 26-27 October.


Produced by Creative Edinburgh and Creative Dundee, How to Future Proof Your Creative Hub, aims to build professional capacity by developing tailored support and skills for creative hub leaders.

What do we mean by creative hub?
A space that brings creative people together, whether that be a physical or virtual space, is a creative hub.  It can be as small as a collective or as large as a building that houses a multitude of creatives - made up of one sector or a variety.  It can also be a virtual hub, with an online network that might meet up physically via an events programme throughout the year.

This workshop is targeted at creative hub leaders who have been running their hub for 4 years or more.  The workshop will build leadership skills and provide practical tools and tips to help identify future trends, the impact of these and how you can plan for the future of your creative hub.

We are looking for approx. 30 people from across the UK and Europe to participate in this workshop, with travel and accommodation (2 nights) being covered.

Applications are now open for all interested creative hub leaders, with the deadline being 12 September 2017.  For more information and to apply for a place on the workshop please visit this link.

This workshop is part of our European Creative Hub Network (ECHN) programme, contributing to the project's overall objective of strengthening and empowering creative hubs across Europe. ECHN is co-funded by the European Commission.