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9 June 2017

alt.barbican artists announced

The inaugural cohort of artists have been selected for alt.barbican, a major new accelerator for creatives working at the intersection of art and technology

Jasmine Johnson, Upright 2016, Wall mounted billboard prints on CNC cutouts, Installation view at Jerwood Project Space, London

As part of our partnership with the Barbican and the Trampery we're pleased to announce the first artists in the alt.barbican accelerator; an incubator programme designed to support innovative creatives working at the intersection of art, technology and entrepreneurship.

Over 230 practitioners applied to the programme and the selected artists; Dries Depoorter, Henry Driver, Jasmine Johnson, Ling Tan and Magz Hall were all asked to respond to the theme of ‘the subversion of reality’. Proposals explored subjects as diverse as privacy and surveillance, body image, representations of gender and globalisation using mobile apps, projection mapping, voice manipulation and wearable technology. 

The selected artists are:

Dries Depoorter: a media artist with a background in electronics, whose work explores the internet’s place in society and the impact it has on the fields of privacy, identity and surveillance. 

Henry Driver: employing photography, film, digitally generated imagery, games design and sculpture, Henry’s work is concerned with the speed at which technology is developing, shaping and increasingly dominating our lives. 

Magz Hall: explores the artistic potential of radio and its use outside of conventional settings. 

Jasmine Johnson: primarily works with video as well as digitally generated imagery, binaural audio and installation to craft increasingly ambitious portraits of globally dispersed individuals.

Ling Tan: designer, maker and coder who trained as an architect and is interested in how people interact with the built environment and wearable technology. She was part of the Umbrellium team, known for their large scale participatory events.

Delivered in partnership with MUTEK and the National Theatre’s Immersive Storytelling Studio, our partnership on alt.barbican is a response to an increasingly fluid creative landscape. As new technologies open up previously unimagined expressive possibilities, alt.barbican’s six month programme presents a new model of artistic support, drawing from entrepreneurial startup culture, to help emerging artists develop their careers.