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16 February 2017

Hello Shenzhen - meet the Shenzhen makers

Last week we announced the UK makers who were selected to travel to residencies in Shenzhen. We are now very excited to reveal the list of the Chinese makers coming to the UK!

10 Shenzhen-based makers have been selected to take part in three week long residencies with some of the UK’s leading makerspaces and creative organisations. They will bring with them a wide range of expertise, from industrial design to mechanical engineering as well as providing insights into the unique culture of making and manufacturing in Shenzhen.

These residencies will cover a variety of themes including disability, maker education, community development, sustainability and repair culture. The makers will be hosted by Access Space, Central Research Laboratory, FACT, Impact Hub Westminster, Lighthouse, Machines Room and Makerversity. They will work with their host organisation on specific projects involving collaboration with local makers, designers, academics, startups or creative organisations.

They will regularly record their journey through blogs, photos and videos and share the outcomes of their residency during public events. You can find out more details about each residency theme here.

The Chinese makers will fly to Edinburgh on 1 March to take part in a Global Maker Event and connect with makers and experts from South Africa, Nigeria, Turkey, Mexico, Ukraine and the UK, as well as attend Maker Assembly Edinburgh. They will return to Shenzhen on 25 March to take part in celebratory events at the end of the residencies.

Find out more about the selected makers below:

Sustainability & Repair hosted by Access Space

Qinting Hu

I am a 22 year old explorer with a mission to make the best use of what I have and what the world offers to create something that lights up your day. Creating/hacking, writing, art/theatre inspire me. I am currently self-studying on Kadenze and Edx, mainly focusing on programming and machine learning for artists. My life-long goal is to use the skills I acquire along the way to make the world a more aesthetic yet eco-sustainable place.

People, Making & Manufacture hosted by Central Research Laboratory

Shuyang Zhou

My name is Shuyang Zhou. I am consumed with insatiable curiosity and always ready for new adventures. I studied “Measurement and Control Technology” at Dalian Maritime University, majoring in capturing physical data and use the data to control systems. I joined Seeed Studio in 2012 and currently work as a Product Manager and Account Manager. My position is to track cutting-edge technologies to make them accessible to the maker community. I look for interesting projects and find ways for Seeed to cooperate with them. This job fulfills my dream of helping people making meaningful things for a better world.

Michael Zheng

I graduated from Brunel University in London with a Masters degree in design. I started my career in London and stayed 3 years, followed by 9 years in Shenzhen. My work was initially focused on industrial design based hardware development with international teams. 5 years ago I founded the company "Innozen Design" with partners. We help western companies with industrial design solutions as well as minimise cultural barriers to enable better integration into China’s manufacturing ecosystem. With wide connections in multiple levels of Shenzhen manufacturing and multicultural experience, I am exploring more opportunities to connect international makers with Chinese manufacturers.

Innovator in Residence hosted by Impact Hub Westminster

Jiuzhou Zhang

I graduated from Shangdong Institute of Arts and Crafts in 2010 and worked as a senior designer and project manager in AG and LKK. In 2013, I was interviewed by US TV media ICN. In 2014, when the State Council Information Office invited British crew to shoot "Design in China", I was one of the Chinese designers whose product design was included in the documentary. The documentary was translated into 146 languages to promote design in China to the world. In 2014, I founded XIVO Design with Wei Min and Jing Chaocheng. Over one and a half years of development, the company has become a highly professional smart hardware design team. We won the 2013 Reddot Product Award, the only Gold Award in 2013 ROI Festival's Product Competition, the 2015 Gold Dot Award and the 2016 Reddot Product Award.

Savio Lai

I currently work as CIO for Artop Group (HK) Limited. I have lived in the UK for more than 10 years and graduated from the University of Hertfordshire in 2007 with a product design BA Hon degree. After graduation I joined Artop group and I have been involved in different projects involving mobile, digital, ebook, earphones, notepad and home appliances. I have also worked with clients from around the world such as GE, Midea, Onyx, TGI, Myndar etc. In 2010 I started my own design business to sell my smart watch concept to watch companies.

Brighton–Shenzhen: Innovation Networks hosted by Lighthouse

Wen Wen

I am the Director of the Programmes Department, lecturer at the Cultural Industry Research Institute of Shenzhen University. I have a PhD in Creative Industries from the Queensland University of Technology, Australia (2012) and I am a visiting scholar to the Centre for Cultural Science and Technology, Curtin University, Australia (2014). My research focus is cultural and creative industry, urban culture economy and maker culture. I have published a number of SSCI, CSSCI papers, and co-published a work on Creative Economy and Culture: Challenges, Changes and Futures for Creative Industries in English ( Sage, 2015).

Disrupt Disability - Maker in Residence hosted by Machines Room

Kang Cheng

I am the Technical Director at Zealfull Tech co. I am a maker and an entrepreneur, with four years of experience in 3D printing, with a strong interest in maker culture since 2012. In 2013, I joined the Duotu electronic team in Xi’an and Huiding Technologies to work on 3D printing research and development. In 2015 I set up a maker team of Photon manufacture with Mud(NiBa) makers, doing research on SLA 3D printers, which was later combined with RepRap Pro-China where I work as a business partner in charge of technology. I am good at designing 3D structures. Some of my products include 3D printers, 3D printing pens and scanners.

Making Connections hosted by Makerversity

Honggang Li

I am the co-founder of Maker Collider, an open innovation service provider sponsored by Intel, and I was one of founders of Intel(China) Maker Program and Intel Mass Maker Accelerator Program(IMMA).

I was responsible for a series of SEMG based gesture recognition, Edison Robot, and IoT projects. I led the development of open source software “SmartNode/AI”, and designed the Intel Smart Hardware Package, which helps makers and developers to implement their creation and design. Working with innovation teams is a great feeling! I supported more than 10 innovation projects (for example Xpider Robot), helping with technologies and commercialisation. I worked with Intel from 2007 to 2015, and filed more than 50 international patents.

Violet Su

I am Violet Su, graduated from Minzu University of China in 2010. I volunteered for 2 wonderful years as a Chinese teacher in Thailand from 2010 to 2012. Coming back to China I started working at Seeed Studio, a maker company that provides open hardware modules, prototyping & small-batch manufacturing services to makers. Since January 2016, I have been working at Chaihuo Maker Space, one of the most vibrant maker spaces in Shenzhen. While working in Chaihuo, I organised a lot of meet-ups to create a community of makers and to connect them with the resources they need. I hosted workshops to guide beginners into the world of making and ran programs such as MIR to help makers grow.

Minecraft and the Internet of Things for Education hosted by FACT

Zhouyang Wang

My name is Joseph Wang, my background is in industrial design. Thanks to the maker movement and the fast growing hardware industry in Shenzhen I have access to great technologies to develop my projects. I aim to create an electronic platform to provide machine vision features for the maker community. I have gathered a group of talented individuals to start HICAT and we are now proud of our first product Livera.

Hello Shenzhen is a partnership between the British Council, The Shenzhen Foundation for International Exchange and Cooperation and Shenzhen Open Innovation Lab. Hello Shenzhen is the next iteration of the Shenzhen Foundation For International Exchange and Cooperation's flagship programme Shenzhen Makers@World.

Hello Shenzhen is developed in partnership with Liz Corbin, Institute of Making, UCL

Supported by the Arts and Humanities Research Council

With thanks to Kickstarter for their in-kind support