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13 February 2017

How to start me up: building my creative hub

The European Creative Hubs Network announces its first skills workshop for creative hub leaders, taking place in Madrid on 22-23 March.

Betahaus Berlin

This 2-day workshop, delivered by Factoria Cultural, is part of our European Creative Hubs Network programme, a project co-funded by the European Commission.

'How to start me up: building my creative hub' is the first of three workshops that will be delivered in 2017, which aim to build the professional capacity of creative hub leaders by providing tailored support and skills development tools.  This workshop is ideal for creative hub leaders who are at the beginning of their hub journey.  From finding financial stability to building a community or setting up a professional development programme, this workshop intends to provide an overview of the day-to-day requirements of a hub. 

Our speakers come from a variety of disciplines and include: Gillian Easson (Creative Dundee), Cecilia Tham (Makers of Barcelona), Gedfried Stocker (Ars Electronica Festival), Judith Tolley (Centre for Fashion Enterprise), Roberto Yeste (Playstation Iberia), Mikel Oleaga (Impact Hub Madrid), Vassilis Haralambidis (Bios), Professor Bree & Professor Cano (Deusto University) and Cristina Arroyo and Henar Leon, who are part of the Factoria Cultural family.

Applications are open for all interested creative hub leaders, managers or representatives from across Europe to apply to attend this workshop.  Applications close on Sunday 26 February 2017.  We have 25 spaces and will cover 1 night accommodation and a travel grant of up to €300 for each participant.

For more details and to view the application, please visit this link.