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12 January 2017

Tech4Culture Istanbul

Innovating the audience experience - we’re working with partners from the UK and Turkey on an exciting series of events to spark new collaborations between culture and tech sectors in Istanbul.

Arts and culture in the UK has an increasingly porous relationship with the broader creative industries and tech sectors. Some of these relationships have been brokered by specific initiatives, such as the Digital R n D Fund for the Arts collaboration between Nesta, Arts Council England and AHRC). The Fund's projects encouraged tech and culture collaboration to harness the power of data to enhance audience reach for arts projects. 

In 2016, we took a selection of Digital R n D Fund projects to Istanbul and curated a forum to share some of the learning points with the Turkish cultural sector. As a result of interest generated by this event, we've been working with The Audience Agency, Outlandish and the Technology Development Foundation for Turkey to design a series of events to help catalyse collaboration between Turkey’s museum and tech sectors.

Activities will kick off in Istanbul in February with a day long Sandbox workshop which will include a sessions on design thinking, using data and audience development. That’ll be followed by a hackathon event where around 40 specially selected participants from the culture and tech communities will form teams and work together on an exciting and experimental ideation session. The teams will continue to work on their ideas over the few weeks following the hackathon, and they'll present them to an audience of tech and culture experts at a special gala event in March. There will be funding and on-going support for the winning idea presented at the gala.

About the partners:

The Audience Agency

The Audience Agency (TAA) has been on the forefront of the use of technology and data for audience development since its formation in 2012. Through programmes such as Arts Council England’s (ACE) Audience Focus – Understanding Audiences programme and the Nesta managed Digital R&D Fund for the Arts (with AHRC and ACE), TAA has collaborated with data scientists, data visualizers, experience designers, coders/developers and other technologists. More importantly, TAA always works in collaboration with the arts and culture organisations for the benefit of audiences. This approach has led to ground-breaking new work that has genuine practical application for the organisations including predictive analytics for managing membership schemes and programming to network analysis of social media audiences for spotting trends and key influencers.

Technology Development Foundation of Turkey

TTGV was founded in 1991 as a result of public-private cooperation in order to introduce technology to the real world by providing support for the private sector’s technology and innovation projects in Turkey.

They are a unique organization as the “the non-profit/implementing agency” model in Turkey, which is acknowledged and well-recognized in the European Union as well as in the advanced economic systems in the world

Among seven foundations established in Turkey by law, TTGV is the only one which is providing services in the field of technology and innovation.

We design, develop and implement activities to provide reference and build capacity for value added operations, processes and products to support the vision of “Technology Developing Turkey”.


The members of Outlandish want to unleash technology’s potential to make the world a fairer, better place. Outlandish is made up of around 20 collaborators and co-owners who love humour, quality code, and apps that challenge the status quo.

They build digital applications and websites for companies, charities and universities that make their lives easier and help them to discover and communicate new insights from their data. They are a worker co-operative and invest all surpluses into projects that help achieve their goals. They specialise in web applications and websites that make large amounts of data easy to manage through beautiful interfaces: they’ve helped clients manage their money, build social movements, publicise research and engage people with poetry.