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6 January 2017

Playable City Tokyo: people and play at the heart

‘The Playful Welcome’ took place in December 2016. It brought together 11 practitioners from the UK and Japan, to extend the reach and breadth of Playable City.

In 2020, the world will focus on Japan for the Olympic and Paralympic Games. In the run up, the construction period and during the games themselves, thousands of people will visit the city who have not been before. With the theme of  a ‘Playful Welcome’, seven Japanese and four UK participants collaborated to develop playful ideas to connect visitors and local people to each other and to the city, during this exciting time.

“When I first heard about Playable City, I was intrigued by using “play” as the core thinking behind how a city evolves, how people come together, and how a community can be built.
Seiichi Saito, Creative and Technical Director of Rhizomatiks

The Playable City Tokyo 2016 Creative Lab and Forum programme is part of the trial research project for the governmental “Basic Policy for Promoting Measures related to Preparations for and Management of the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo in 2020”. It is hosted and organised by British Council and Rhizomatiks, Produced and Facilitated by Watershed, with Media Partner WIRED Japan.

About the City

Located roughly at the centre of the Japanese archipelago, Tokyo is a vibrant capital city encircled by miles of shoreline, mountains and volcanoes. Renowned for being a dazzling mix of old and new, the city gracefully contrasts a rich cultural history with a passion for everything new.

About Playable City Tokyo

Playable City Tokyo launched in 2015 to develop imaginative new ideas for urban spaces and to engage communities in thinking about the future of Tokyo (particularly in the run up to the 2020 Olympic Games).

The idea of having “play” at the heart really resonated with me, and I felt it would be very interesting and meaningful to run Playable City in Tokyo, especially now.”
Seiichi Saito, Creative and Technical Director of Rhizomatiks

Playable City Tokyo activities are co-produced by Watershed, British Council Japan and award winning Japanese creatives Rhizomatiks, and are supported by Mori and WIRED Japan.

Find out more about the participants and programme here.