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15 December 2016

Hello Shenzhen UK hosts announced!

We are working with some of the UK’s leading makerspaces to host three weeks residencies in the UK for makers living and working in Shenzhen


As part of our Hello Shenzhen programme we have received many exciting residency proposals and we are now very pleased to announce the winning host organisations.

Here are the selected UK organisations: Access Space, Central Research Laboratory, FACT, Impact Hub Westminster, Lighthouse, Machines Room, Makerversity.

Each organisation will work with a maker from Shenzhen on a specific project. These residencies will cover a variety of themes, including disability, maker education, community development, sustainability and repair culture.

Hello Shenzhen will build stronger links between UK and Chinese making practices, supporting meaningful collaboration and deepening learning between the two countries.

Each of our host partners is looking for makers to suit to their organisation's specific needs and objectives. Find out below details about the 7 residency opportunities that will take place from 6-24 March.

1. Sustainability & Repair hosted by Access Space

Consumer culture creates a lot of waste, and built-in obsolescence means many products have a limited life. This residency aims to investigate how maker practices may be able to encourage the local population to think differently about how they can extend the life of things they own.

Looking for… A maker interested in the repair culture and ecological problems and who enjoys collaborating with members of the public to explore creative solutions. Other useful skills: Basic electronics & rapid prototyping.

2. People, Making & Manufacture hosted by Central Research Laboratory

This residency will help the CRL startups to better identify appropriate component supplier and manufacturing partners and develop effective business relationships with them. Our goal is to better understand the maker culture in Shenzhen so that we can learn from it and engage with it

Looking for… A resident with comprehensive knowledge of the Shenzhen manufacturing base, able to help our hardware startups identify the right potential partners and to make introductions. Ideally they would be knowledgeable about all aspects of mechanical and electronic fabrication, assembly and testing.

3. Innovator in Residence hosted by Impact Hub Westminster

The residency will examine how we can build collaborative links between China and the UK to scale social innovation by maker entrepreneurs. The maker will work with our ecosystem of entrepreneurs, mentors and partners to examine how we can create links to scale impact through the production of robust, sustainable and economic supply chain strategies.

Looking for… A maker, who has gone through their prototyping phase and has a strong product and is interested in exploring entrepreneurship and the start-up ecosystem in London. A proactive and creative maker who is willing to collaborate with our members, our partners and us and get stuff done! Interest in exploring areas such as IoT, Clean Tech, Sustainability, AI is a plus but not compulsory.

4. Brighton–Shenzhen: Innovation Networks hosted by Lighthouse

In a process of learning through making, the residency aims to explore how Brighton-based makers can connect to Shenzhen-based ecosystem of suppliers, prototyping facilities, methods of manufacture, and distribution; and how community facilities such as Lighthouse and the FabLab can integrate with these networks.

Looking for… A maker with a critical interest in DIY innovation, supply chains, sustainability, who is happy to share through speaking, blogs, or on camera. Possible areas of expertise: robotics, IoT, projection mapping, music technology and interfaces.

5. Disrupt Disability - Maker in Residence hosted by Machines Room

The residency will accelerate our progress on the Disrupt Disability project; an Open Source, Open Design, global project which offers a new way of understanding the needs of disabled people and the opportunities that maker culture allows them.

Looking for… An experienced engineer interested in working on an open source design of a wheelchair. Expertise in CAD would be very welcome. In addition to this it would be an advantage if the resident has a strong interest in disability.

6. Making Connections hosted by Makerversity

Developing a shared resource that enables connectivity, collaboration and knowledge exchange between Makerversity and a maker-space community in Shenzhen. This ‘platform’ will be used as a place for open conversation, peer-to-peer guidance, mentorship, and the sharing of resources between the two communities.

Looking for… an organiser of a maker community to co-design a platform that enables connectivity, collaboration and knowledge exchange between Makerversity and a maker-space community in Shenzhen.

7. Minecraft and the Internet of Things for Education hosted by FACT

Using rapid prototyping and Internet of things technologies the residency aims to produce educational resources based on the game Minecraft. The resident maker will help create educational kits that can be used by educators and students to explore STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths) subjects.

Looking for… A resident with coding or physical making skills (design and electronics), with experience of working with kids and teachers and   an interest in Minecraft or willing to learn how to use it.

What is expected of the residents?

  • To embed yourself in the UK context and work collaboratively with the host organisation to explore the proposed theme/project
  • Regularly update your social media platform.
  • Complete evaluation questionnaires
  • Share the outcomes of your residency with the public/your networks in Shenzhen

Hello Shenzhen is a bilateral exchange programme connecting makers in the UK and China, supported by the British Council, The Shenzhen Foundation for International Exchange and Cooperation and Shenzhen Open Innovation Lab

Hello Shenzhen is developed in partnership with Liz Corbin, Institute of Making, University College London

Supported by the Arts and Humanities Research Council

With thanks to Kickstarter for their in-kind support

Hello Shenzhen is the next iteration of the Shenzhen Foundation for International Exchange and Cooperation’s flagship programme Makers@World