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30 November 2016

A focus on Glasgow #CreativeCitiesUK

In this instalment of’s editorial project on British cities driven by creative industries, the team delves into the Glasgow. We look at how creatives are shaping the city and how innovation in art and engineering can lead to clean energy

#CreativeCitiesUK: How Glasgow’s Creatives Are Shaping the City

With more Turner Prize winners than any other city, a blossoming digital and tech entrepreneurship scene and homegrown organisations focused on creating communities, the Scottish city is seeing a positive transformation in its most blighted areas. With interviews with the Scottish Civic Trust, Pidgin Perfect, RookieOven and more, the first feature on Glasgow discovers how creative hubs and those who manage them are influencing the urban landscape and, in turn, the societies that occupy them. Despite the city’s socioeconomic problems, a bright future seems to be in store for Glasgow as collaborative professional communities drive forward the creative economy with wider, social impacts in mind.

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How Glasgow Creatively Combines Art and Engineering for Clean Energy’s latest #CreativeCitiesUK feature takes a look at the innovative art and engineering competition spearheaded by the Land Art Generation Initiative and Glasgow City Council, in cooperation with local platform EcoArtsScotland. The competition brief was to create a public art installation that can also generate clean energy, bringing together professionals from several disciplines to not only contribute positively to the environment, but create a landmark for the city. The winning Wind Forest project will be implemented in Dundas Hill on the site of a former whisky distillery and in an area experiencing significant regeneration as the city looks to turn the somewhat blighted formerly industrial neighborhood into the city’s ‘creative quarters’. Showing an aptitude for cross-sector collaboration – between artists and engineers, private companies and the public sector – Glasgow’s regeneration masterplan for the district, just north of the city center, has already attracted a growing creative class and the Wind Forest hopes to further revitalize the area.

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