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22 November 2016

Call for evaluation: Hello Shenzhen

We are seeking proposals for the evaluation of Hello Shenzhen - an exciting bilateral residency exchange programme connecting makers in the UK and China. Deadline 8 January 2017


Hello Shenzhen aims to build stronger links between UK and Chinese making practices, supporting meaningful collaboration and deepening learning between the two countries. 

Through in-depth residencies makers in the UK and China will provide collaborative solutions and research, responding to shared issues and interests. Significantly, residency briefs will be generated by maker communities and those who support them, covering a variety of themes including sustainability, education, community development and enterprise. In the pilot year of the programme (2016/2017) the residencies will take place in Shenzhen and the UK for three weeks in March 2017. 

Through issuing follow on grants to participants that have been through the exchange programme we are enabling ideas/products developed to come to life.

Applicant response

We are seeking responses to tender for the evaluation of the pilot year of Hello Shenzhen from February 2017-December 2017. More detailed information can be found in the Request for Proposal document.

To respond to this invite to tender please provide a summary of:

  • Your knowledge of Chinese culture/experience of working with or in a Chinese context. Experience of working with Shenzhen would be valued.
  • Proposed evaluation methodology including your approach to respondent sampling and how you would present your findings demonstrating clarity and visual impact
  • Experience of comparable evaluations
  • Your team, their credentials, who will do what with what the individual time input will be
  • Any difficulties you foresee and how you might resolve or overcome them.

Please submit no more than 6 pages and any other material as appendices to Emma Boulton,

Any clarification questions should be submitted to Rebecca Shoesmith, 

The available fee for this evaluation is a maximum of £15,000 including VAT.  

Please see the Request for Proposal document for full details

The deadline for the submission of responses is 8 January 2017

We look forward to your proposals.

Hello Shenzhen is a partnership between the British Council, The Shenzhen Foundation for International Exchange and Cooperation and Shenzhen Open Innovation Lab.

Hello Shenzhen is developed in partnership with Liz Corbin, Institute of Making, UCL

Supported by the Arts and Humanities Research Council