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16 August 2016

Yogera: tackling corruption through technology

Many citizens in Uganda experience varying levels of corruption. Bribery is commonplace. A new website and app 'Yogera' (Lugandan word for "speak up") enables citizens to name and shame those involved in corrupt practices.

Sandra Ciampone

Yogera was the product of workshops designed to develop locally-driven solutions to the issue of corruption.  Various Ugandan community groups, creatives and technologists worked together to design and build the site and make it respond to local needs.  

Yogera  is anonymous so anyone can report evidence of corruption, safely via the site, Twitter or Facebook.  Once a report is made, the Yogera team will follow up with the responsible district leaders or relevant authority to ensure that the matter gets resolved.  Once it has been resolved, the Yogera team reports back to the online community demonstrating the change that is possible when individuals speak out. Yogera also allows users to nominate "heroes" - those who have not accepted bribes.  

"There are huge opportunities for technology to increase the range and scope of civic engagement in Uganda." Barbara Birungi, Hive Colab

Since the site was lauched, the Yogera Facebook page has received over 2,000 followers.  Issues reported on the platform by citizens will be circulated through local dialogues, barazas (public meetings) and radio stations.  The site will carry out opinion polls and create monthly reports on the types of corruptions that have been reported and dealt with.  The civic group has also engaged with youth organisations who will act as peer ambassadors. 

The site is also being used to highlight new bills being brought to Uganda's parliament, to allow the public greater connection with politics and the decision-making process. It will also be able to gather citizens' opinions which can be fed into the support of or protest against particular bills.

The civic tech project that led to the development of Yogera was a partnership between the British Council, Indigo Trust, Hive Colab and MySociety to help communities develop tools to strengthen their civic ambition. 

"Co-creation between seemingly different groups of people achieves great results for community challenges. The different perspectives on how to solve the problem from techies, civics and creatives goes a long way in creating sustainable community solutions.”Barbara Birungi, Founder/ Director Hive Colab and Women in Tech, Uganda.

“As far as we know, this is the first time that creatives, technologists and civic groups have come together in Uganda to address social challenges and the British Council’s creative network is an important component of this project.” Loren Treisman, Executive, Indigo Trust

We've already seen appetite to further develop this way of working, not only in Uganda, but in other countries in Sub-Saharan Africa too. 

You can find out more here.