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25 February 2016

Playable City Lagos and Picnickers Anonymous

A late-night picnic opens the start of the latest Playable Cities project

Dele Adeyemo

Mobility is the theme of Playable City Lagos

Playable City Lagos got underway on Monday night with a late-night picnic hosted by city event organiser, Picnickers Anonymous. Located in the somewhat unusual location of a car park in Nigeria’s metropolis, the event offered the opportunity for both locals and participants of the forthcoming Playable City Lagos Lab event to come together and discuss ideas around ‘playability.’

Attending the picnic was Hilary O’Shaughnessy, Producer of our project partner, Playable City. Hilary explains, “An inclusive and whimsical event such as a free late-night picnic in a car park is a radical act in Lagos. But in many ways this hectic city is already ‘playable’ and full of creative urban thinkers who just don’t think of themselves that way yet.”

With the 10-day Playable City Lab taking place in the city’s Goethe-Institut from 8th March—supported by Future Lagos—the picnic sparked early conversations and new ideas around the project’s mobility theme, raising questions of how Lagosians might change the way they engage with and move around their city.

Hilary adds, “The resounding response we’ve heard is that Lagos doesn’t need more injected solutions. Rather, it simply needs to start with citizens coming together—to engage with each other.

“A key goal of our project is to develop local networks, so workshops are key. We heard attendees lament that numerous organisations would come to the city to “fix things”, but then leave soon after.”

Read more about Picnickers Anonymous and Playable City Lagos in Hilary’s full blog published in the Guardian blog here.

Read more about the Playable City Lagos Lab participants here.

Supporting Playable City Lagos are Future Lagos, Goethe-Institut Nigeria and CcHub—each bringing valuable resources to the creation of design prototypes that will respond to specific social challenges in locations around the city.