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24 February 2016

European Creative Hubs Network

Announcing the launch of ECHN, a new two-year European Commission-funded project supporting the growth and development of European creative hubs

Creative Hubs

This week the British Council in Brussels hosted the partners kick-off meeting of The European Creative Hubs Network —a two year project led by the British Council aiming to boost significantly the ecosystem that currently supports creative and culture sectors across Europe.

The project is partnered by an affiliation of six European creative hubs and the European Business Network, with a focus on creating a cohesive community of experienced creative hub leaders across the continent. Coming from a variety of sectors, business models and process stages, the network will promote hubs as innovative models to support Europe’s creative economy.

As a dynamic platform creating sources of growth and development, ECHN will share insights, tools and resources that empower leaders and support the resilience of creative hubs. Peer to peer learning models will strengthen hub leaders’ leadership skills and help them develop successful and sustainable business models for their creative hubs.

Janine Matheson, Director of Creative Edinburgh, the UK-based hub partner says, “It's been wonderful to be in Brussels this week working with the partners further developing the programme. We're very excited to be representing the UK in this Europe wide collaboration.”

The six European creative hubs involved are; Bios (Greece), Addict (Portugal), Betahaus in (Germany), Kulturni Kod (Serbia), Creative Edinburgh (UK) and Factoria Cultural in Spain.

ECHN is funded by the European Commission. It follows on from the First European Creative Hubs Forum which you can read about here and here.