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6 December 2015

Join the conversation - @HUBinaBOX now open!

An intensive four day workshop in Cairo and a worldwide discussion; we are exploring how to foster thriving and resilient creative communities. We need your voice!

We know that innovation spaces must thrive financially in order to deliver the best support possible to the entrepreneurial communities they serve, but the road to sustainability is difficult.

AfriLabs, iceHubs Global and Impact Hub with openº are co-hosting a Hub in a Box Sustainability Workshop in Cairo from 7-10 December for innovation spaces to crowdsource the best of what we know about revenue generation across different funding streams and types of spaces/hubs. The workshop is supported by Hivos, the Indigo Trust, the British Council and the 1% Club. 

We'd love you to be part of the workshop via this virtual meeting place Please sign up, explore the knowledge-gathering as it happens and make your own contributions to the workshop. At the same time, you can follow the conversation and contribute via Twitter @HUBinaBOX

What are we aiming for?

We believe the answers we seek are amongst us, being unearthed daily by committed, experienced practitioners and hub-makers. What we need is an effective, efficient way to aggregate, distill, and share this knowledge, which is what we aim to do through this workshop. More importantly, we need people who truly believe that our community of spaces will succeed by collaborating and building together. We all get better and do better if we combine our collective knowledge. But we can’t get there unless you make the commitment to share your triumphs, never agains, and out of the box ideas.

Hub in a Box is an intense, four day exercise to crowdsource the best of what we know about revenue generation across different funding streams and types of spaces. We'll be working on three revenue model tracks: Space and Community; Incubation and Acceleration; and Products and Services. Each track will be focused on identifying challenges and creating solutions so that we can bring our insights together and share them with the hub ecosystem.

By Shelagh Wright, conveneor of Hub in a Box and founding member of the international hub community platform openº.