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22 November 2015

#LivingtheResearch: Reflections

In the final round of blog posts from our China 'Living Research' project, our UK makers and academics the team share their reflections on Chinese maker culture.

"The aesthetic of a city is often hugely symbolic of it’s nature; in this case the cultural diversity, international reach, and embracing of both past and future that I’d come to see in Shanghai." 

Fiona DowlingLaser House CEO, shares her thoughts on Shanghai from the city's Maker Carnival.

"We’re very excited to see how the Chinese maker-manufacturing landscape changes in the coming months and years, as more people tap into the Shanzhai hivemind. Most of all though, we can’t wait to go back and get more things made."

Asa Calow, co-founder of MadLab's blogs about 'Shanzhai!'

"These 8-14 year old kids were learning skills which I wasn’t taught until university; design process, brainstorming ideas, prototyping, concept presenting, critical feedback, iteration and documentation..."

Joel Trotter provides some fantastic insight into educating the 'Next Generation'