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18 October 2015

#LivingTheResearch: Week One

We catch up with the makers and academics on 'Living Research: Making in China'. Read new blog pieces and see their second film instalment!

The participants currently #LivingTheResearch are now well and truly immersed in China's maker culture. Its been a whistle-stop tour of spaces and places, from advanced start-up inccubators to the manufacturing microcosms of the Urban Villages. Check out their second film and read the insights of our makers and academics in their blog pieces below.

"Throughout this week, we have to equal measure been subjects of study ourselves. "

Liz Corbin, Phd researcher of materials and process, on 'Day Four in China'

"What do you do if you’re not Samsung, a hardware start-up or an ambitious crowdfunding jockey? Hacker, do not despair…"

Asa Calow, co-founder of MadLab's piece "Pt. 2 - Getting things Made"

"I’ve found Shenzhen to be a chaotic, non-stop, multi-sensory and ever-changing city..."

Fiona Dowling, maker and business owner's fantastically titled piece - 'Components, Copies and not a single prawn cracker'

"The importance of proximity to the primary materials of industrial design for designers, manufacturers and entrepreneurs alike cannot be underestimated."

Cat Rossi, design historian on 'Making Cultures, from Rapid Prototyping to Repair Shops'

"The tension between rapid, externally driven development and slower more incremental advances can be recognised in many other contexts and it is not an easy one to resolve..."

Dr Justin Marshall, leading academic on 'Week 1' 

Living Research: Making in China programme is a partnership between the British Council and the Arts and Humanities Research Council, in collaboration with David Li of Hacked Matter and Shenzhen Open Innovation Lab.

Sponsored by Seeed Studio and Mass Innovation Week, Shenzhen

Supported by Shenzhen Open Innovation Lab