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4 October 2015

Meet the UK makers and academics exploring making in China

We profile the five UK based makers and four UK based academics, who are going to be immersed in Chinese maker culture during October 2015 as part of our 'Living Research: Making in China' programme.

We're undertaking the first comprehensive study of the maker movement in China with Nesta. To complement this wide ranging mapping of makerspaces, we're partnering with the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) to launch a new approach we’re calling 'Living Research'. A group of nine UK experts are going to be embedded in Chinese maker culture, exploring Shenzen, Shanghai and Xiamen. 

Each of our participants brings a different set of skills and expertise but all share creativity, curiosity and a passion for "making stuff out of other stuff".

Click on each name for an in-depth biography and details of their current projects. 


An innovative, talented designer and maker, Joel is an integral part of Imperial College Advanced Hackspace.  He also works on other projects, including GenoBi, which explores genome sequencing.


Cat is a design historian interested in researching, teaching, and communicating ideas about making in design culture.  She also focuses on socially and politically engaged approaches to both design and design history, and academic research that connects with the wider public.


Sara's research and practice at the Uniersity of Dundee focuses on materials, making and technology through a broad, colourful and futuristic lens. She regularly collaborates with designers and researchers across disciplines, using craft-based exploration to showcase the potential of smart materials.


Justin is a practitioner/researcher who trained in ceramics amongst other disciplines.  He works within the ‘Autonomatic’ research group at Falmouth University and has a substantial track record of teaching and research in the areas of craft and design.


Molly is a freelance designer, maker and researcher based at the Pervasive Media Studio in Bristol.  She is also associate partner at Diffus Design UK. Molly combines a traditional know-how in making, craft and design with new technologies and production processes. 


Martin is a former journalist turned tech entrepreneur. He is also a lifelong maker and his educational technology company, Machido, has released a variation of Arduino for use by primary school children, amongst other innovative products.


From a background in graphic and product design, Fiona now runs her own business in Bristol - The Laser House. The Laser House offers laser cutting, engraving and design services within Bristol.


Liz Corbin is a researcher of materials and process based at the Institute of Making.  The main focus of her PHD is the emerging UK maker community in relation to cultures of practice and manufacturing.


Asa is a self-taught creative technologist, civic hacker, amateur biotechnologist, mathematician, and co-founder of MadLab, one of the UK's most successful and engaged makerspaces/technology-focused community organisations.

Living Research: Making in China programme is a partnership between the British Council and the Arts and Humanities Research Council, in collaboration with David Li of Hacked Matter and Shenzhen Open Innovation Lab.

Sponsored by Seeed Studio and Mass Innovation Week, Shenzhen

Supported by Shenzhen Open Innovation Lab