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1 October 2015

Nurturing Turkey's Creative Talent

Over one hundred young businesses in Turkey have benefited from being part of our Nesta Creative Enterprise workshops.  We're highlighting some of the most inspirational case studies so far.

The Nesta Creative Enterprise Toolkit has helped develop thousands of creative businesses in the UK.  Now hundreds of creative business founders worldwide are benefiting from the training through our international workshops.  

More than just business skills training, the sessions are prompting people to make useful connections with others whose creative businesses are in similar stages of development.  In many cases, these networks are not only proving vital to individuals’ business success, but are starting to drive their local creative economy, for example, through the development of creative hubs.

We’ve run the training in five cities in Turkey over the past two years.  We caught up with some of the past participants and asked them what they do differently as a result of attending the workshops.  Here's a taster - click on to the names to read the full case studies.

Ebru Alkanat is the founder of a specialist clothing company Hooyoo. She says the Creative Enterprise Toolkit training helped her learn to stick to a financial formula that works.

Basar Under runs a music production company in Izmir.  “You have an idea and you think it’s easy to execute, but it’s not. You need to evaluate and analyse before executing an idea and that’s what the Toolkit taught me”.

Godze Senkaya runs a dance clothing business.  “Before the training, I was approaching people as a dancer.  Now I speak like a designer with a brand”.

Gorkem Cetinkaya is the founder of a creative hub in Eskisehir.  After using the Toolkit, Gorkem saw that there was potentially lots more to his business than he had initially thought. 

Zuhal Canyurt is a shoe designer.  She says the people she met through the training act as a “support group on speed dial”.

The next Nesta Creative Enterprise Workshops in Turkey are running in Izmir in October 2015.  The trainer will be Philiy Irish-Page.