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26 July 2015

In Focus: Laboratorio Arte Alameda

Mexico City's Laboratorio Arte Alameda is a major hub for art and technology. We chatted with Tania Aedo, a visual artist and key figure at the Laboratorio, about their work.


What should we expect to find at Laboratorio Arte Alameda?

Electronic Arts, Moving Images, Electronic and Experimental Music, Sound Art, Digital Arts, Art & Science, Bio-Art, Maker and DIY Culture, Art & Education, Art & Science!

Could you tell us about the beginnings of the Laboratorio?

The Laboratorio Arte Alameda (LAA) came into being in 2000, [to respond to the need for] a space engaged with the production, research and documentation of practices incorporating art, science and technology.  Our sixteenth century chapel, Ex Templo de San Diego, used to house the national colonial painting collection  until it was moved to the National Museum of Art.

At that time the Centro Multimedia was the only place dedicated to art and technology in Mexico City. LAA became the premier space focused on the exhibition, documentation and research of these practices.

The arts and technology are coming together in increasingly exciting ways. How do you see the role of the LAA in the midst of these developments?

I think the existence of Laboratorio Arte Alameda responds precisely to the emergence of new practices and forms engaging knowledge and technology through art. Our current and future projects at the Documentation Center and the Education Programme, along with the exhibitions, are meant to keep us alert in the shifting contemporary landscape. 

What's your role within the Laboratorio?

My role within Laboratorio mainly consists of programming in collaboration with invited curators and the LAA’s team, and the coordination of different areas such as Education, the Documentation Centre and Exhibitions. Another important role is to get the team involved in different subjects and relevant conversations around art, science and technology.

Which other cultural spaces or organisations in Mexico City do inspiring work joining the arts and technology?

Public spaces/organisations:

Artist run/private:

Mexico City's Laboratorio Arte Alameda were participants in our Digital Futures UKMX collaboration, and will be joined us in London in September 2015 for the V&A Digital Design Weekend.