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22 February 2015

Lightning Talks at FutureEverything Manchester

In November 2014, FutureEverything Moscow’s workshop programme explored hands-on design, prototyping and idea generation around the themes of communication and different ways to map cities.

Four new prototypes were created seeking to understand how our past influences will influence the present and the future, you can see and hear the results for yourself at Manchester Town Hall, all day on 26th and 27th February on 26th February.

Each team will also present the ideas behind their work at the Lightning Talk programme during the FutureEverything conference:


Touchback, developed by Zakhar Kharitonov, Alexandra Ermolenko, Andrew Pantyukhin, Galima Akhmadullina and Zhanna Gugunova, is a tool for frictionless feedback during events, giving a new mode of communication between during public events. You’ll be able to ‘Touchback’ on designated channels during the festival, see the front of this programme to take part and watch for channel details during sessions.

Thu 26 Feb, 10:00 - 10:05


And finally from Moscow, THNGS, by Dima Dewinn, Maxim Zuev and Andrey Kuznetsov, is a unique research tools that allows the categorisation of objects and their history, through a chronological timeline of iterations and innovations. THNGS is an innovative technology made to preserve things, that anyone can operate with for discovering, learning about, and collecting things. Find their stand in Room 4, or explore online at

Thu 26 Feb, 14:05 - 14:10


Get annoyed by social networks, but don't want to stop using them? Dissolve, by Valentin Fetisov and Alexander Burenkov, allows you to leave digital space and observe your digital identity live a life of its own by handing over your control of it. Visit to dissolve your online identity.

Fri 27 Feb, 14:40 - 14:45


Empathy is an essential component of understanding oneself and others. How can we empower people with technology that induces the experience of empathy towards other people? Empath, by Andrey Goncharov, Filipp Kaz, Irina Lobanovskaya, Olga Polishuk, Dmitry Pianov, is an experiment in digital and physical empathy. The team will be exploring their theory through an experiment involving FutureEverything’s visitors – keep an eye out for their on-site interventions.

Fri 27 Feb, 14:50 - 14:55

You can download the catalogue for a full list of all Lightning Talks and all other events here