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15 February 2015

20 years of FutureEverything - what now?

This year’s conference in Manchester marks 20 years of FutureEverything. The programme has four main themes looking to capture and investigate the ways our lives have been transformed by the digital revolution over the last two decades.

Always looking forward, The FutureEverything Conference brings together experts from a variety of fields including digital storytelling, hacking and media arts among others to ask:

“What now for…

Memory? Ownership? Democracy? The Weird and the Wonderful?”

Matt Locke is a digital storyteller, founder of Storythings and an expert in the role of new tech in media development, having led groundbreaking innovation projects at the BBC and Channel 4. He’s currently researching the history of how we measure attention – from applause in 19th century music halls to the digital networks of today.

Gemma Galdon Clavell is a policy analyst who works on surveillance, the social, legal and ethical impact of technology, smart cities, privacy, security policy, resilience and policing. She is a founding partner at Eticas Research & Consulting and a researcher at the Universitat de Barcelona’s Sociology Department. 

Scott Stulen is an artist, writer, and Curator of Audience Experiences and Performance at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. Scott co-founded the world’s first Internet Cat Video Festival in 2012, which has since gone on to become an international celebration of all things feline – with appearances from the latest ‘celebricats’, live music, costume contests and art exhibitions.

You can find the full list of speakers here

New this year is an entire conference within the conference, ‘Haunted Machines’. On Friday 27th February between 10:40 - 16:30, six intriguing speakers including Tobias Revell, Joanne McNeil, Ingrid Burrington and Warren Ellis among others will explore the connection between technology and the supernatural. Haunted Machines will attempt to navigate a vast landscape of signals, ghosts and daemons encountered in digital and technological culture.

Founder and CEO Drew Hemment had this to say about the 20 year anniversary of The FutureEverything Conference:

“For two decades FutureEverything has brought people together to discover, share and experience new Ideas about the future… This is less about the app you will be using next year, more about the culture and society we are trying to build in the next 20.”

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