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16 November 2014

Meet our UK Hubs Steering Group

Our Creative Economy work is fuelled and informed by some of the brightest minds from the UK's creative community. Meet the advocates and supporters who have been vital in steering our work with creative hubs over the past year.

Studio TILT

What we refer to as ‘hubs’, others might refer to as clusters, labs, co-working spaces or incubators. Any physical or virtual ‘place’ that creative people meet, connect and collaborate is what we mean by a ‘hub’. Whether that’s: a collective or co-operative; a creative, tech or cultural space; a network that gathers people or a space that houses a cross-disciplinary family of creatives. The creative industries has quickly become a community that thrives on structured serendipity and this new ecosystem is fast becoming one that we have to support and sustain.

For the past year, the British Council has been focussing alot of its work around creative hubs, aiming to support the work of hubs across the EU and helping to shape a sustainable future for them.  This wouldn't have been possible without our pool of experts, most of which run hubs of their own, representing the length and breadth of the UK.  This group has been helping us shape our work in this area, ensuring that it’s relevant, innovative and worthwhile and have inadvertenly become our UK Hubs Steering Group. We’d like to introduce you to them:

Janine Matheson, Creative Edinburgh
A membership of 1300+, Creative Edinburgh helps businesses and individuals create, collaborate and stay connected through an annual programme of opportunities.

Gillian Easson, Creative Dundee
Creative Dundee connects creative talent with opportunities and has been amplifying the city’s creative pulse since 2008.

Helen Teeling, TAKTAL & The Whisky Bond
TAKTAL is an agency that produces creative projects and connects people with spaces. They collaborate with artists, cultural organisations, property owners and national agencies, to initiate the creative use of space.

Jamie Coleman, CodeBase
CodeBase is the UK’s largest tech incubator. Based entirely on private equity and home to some of the best tech companies in the country. Their goal is to drive investment in to tech startups and improve digital skills for business.

Andrea Burns
The Roco is going to be Sheffield’s largest creative co-op. Offering a cafebar, studios, maker spaces, galleries, bookshop and retail space. @WeAreRoco

Andrew Sleigh, Lighthouse
Lighthouse is a digital culture agency based in Brighton. They support, commission and exhibit work by artists and filmmakers, creating vibrant and inspirational programmes.

Mat Trivett, Near Now
Near Now is Broadway’s producing, commissioning and artist development programme, working closely with artists and designers to produce and present playful projects that explore technology in everyday life.

Dean Brown, (formerly) Fabrica
Fabrica is an educational institutution, research workshop and studio based in Italy and working globally.

Christine James, Blick Studios & Eighty81
Blick Studios provides workspace, business services and events to inspire, support and encourage digital and creative start ups within four different creative spaces in Belfast and Derry-Londonderry.  Christine also manages Eighty81, a creative hub and former venue of Turner Prize 2013.