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2 November 2014

FutureEverything Moscow hack events

FutureEverything and British Council's will run 2 labs as part of their Moscow programme - sign up here!

FutureEverything Moscow, in partnership with Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and NII Space present НИИ (NII) Communication and Urban Routines, two public hacking workshops. The programme invites participants to explore hands-on design, prototyping and idea generation in a digital context.

What is a Hack? What does this mean for people and how does it relate to the arts or everyday life? The term has become ubiquitous in the arts over the last few years, but for some it remains an unfamiliar way of working. Emerging from the digital sector, hack-workshops provide a low risk environment to test and trail radical new ways of working.

In НИИ Communication participants from various fields will explore new forms of communication for a post-internet society. FutureEverything Moscow will present this two-day workshop on 22nd and 23rd November 2014 in partnership with Nothing Specialists, and selected prototypes from the workshops will be showcased at FutureEverything Festival in Manchester 26-28 February 2015.

In Urban Routines, a team of experts from the UK will work hands-on with recent graduates of Strelka's urban design programme to interrogate the gigantic and complex world of ordinary, everyday city life. FutureEverything’s Tom Higham and Kevin Smith, with collaborators Steven Flower, John Fass and David Mee will lead two days of hands-on workshops,on 22nd and 23rd November 2014 interrogating the gigantic and complex world of the city. We will seek to understand how the past influences our present reality and what the future will entail.

Both workshops are open to the public, but places are limited. Please follow these links to sign up for НИИ Communication and Urban Routines.

Earlier this year, British Council commissioned Joeli Brearly to write New Playgrounds: An Introduction to Hacks in the Arts. The publication examines the arts' hackathon phenomenon, describing the benefits for individuals or organisations taking part or hosting labs. It details some of the essential ingredients that are required for success, and explains the rationale for common approaches. Read this publication in full here.

FutureEverything Moscow is a UK/Russia culture and technology exchange programme curated and produced by FutureEverything and the British Council.