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2 November 2014

Craft & Design development: Tender for East Asia consultancy

We are seeking a craft and design professional based in East Asia to work with UK craft and design organisations to develop a business development and design support programme for the craft and design sector in East Asia.

Safwan S


Craft and design is a significant part of the creative economy in the East Asia region, and is particularly important in developing countries such as Vietnam, Thailand, Burma and Indonesia.  The sector and its needs are mixed.  Traditional crafts and products are very important part of the sector, but there is an increasing interest in how to produce more design-led products, both for export and internally for the emerging affluent middle classes. 

Alongside this, as businesses scale and need to become more digitally savvy there is an increasing demand for business and marketing skills for craft and design businesses to enable these enterprises to survive and thrive in today’s economies.  

In some countries, such as Burma, there is a focus on supporting craft to address wider cultural development goals such as providing skills and economic opportunities for marginalised groups and communities.

The British Council is increasingly being approached by trade bodies, craft and design support organisations and private companies who are interested in supporting the craft and design sector; they are looking to the excellence in craft and design as well as programmes of support for small businesses in the UK for inspiration.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for a craft and design professional based in East Asia to help us design and develop a comprehensive programme of support for the craft and design sector in selected East Asian countries, working closely with a number of UK craft and design specialist organisations. 

The individual should have demonstrable knowledge and links with the craft and design sector in the UK and at least five years’ experience working in the sector in East Asia.

For full details of the opportunity and how to apply please view the Tender document here.

The deadline for applications is Thursday 20 November 2014

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