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18 June 2014

How to be a cultural entrepreneur

Culture and entrepreneurship: mix the two and you could get a very beautiful relationship, not to mention new avenues to open up the arts to audiences in a sustainable - and profitable - way.

Peter Tullin and Simon Cronshaw from CultureLabel are passionate advocates for the arts to become more entrepreneurial. 

In 2009, they published the book ‘Intelligent Naivety’, about the emerging field of cultural entrepremeurship.  As Tullin said in a Guardian blog, "rather than focus on ideas, which hardly seemed in short supply for those we met in the cultural sector, we explored strategies designed to turn those ideas into reality for generating new commercial revenue within cultural organisations."

At REMIX Sydney, Tullin and Cronshaw talk about making the arts make money, the power of engaged philanthropy and some of the new business models cultural entrepreneurs are using today.

'Intelligent Naivety' is available as a free download here.