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9 April 2014

In Pictures: YCE Digital Publishing

Our current crop of international YCE winners are in London for a tour of the digital publishing sector. Here are some of the highlights so far.

1. YCE Digital Publishers 2014.

2. AtThe London Book Fair.

3. Trend Safari in Shoreditch.

4. Meeting Made in Me.

5. Meeting Michael Kowalski, founder and CEO ofContentment, talking about Padify.

6.Dazed Digital's office.

7. Digital Publishing Entrepreneur of the Year Judges - Octavio Kulesz, Julia Kingsford, Anna Rafferty, Rohan Gunatillake.

8. Irina Sheveleva pitches to judges.

9. Judges listen.

10. Ricardo wins the LBF YCE Digital Publishing Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

11. YCEs in the publishing press.

12. London Book Fair.

13. 'Future of Publishing' panel at the Hospital Club.

14. Full house for the panel.

15. Dai Qin talks about her business challenges.

16. Creative Business Co-coaching leader Percy Emmett looks on as YCEs discuss their business challenges.

17. Paula Corotto

18. Johanna Pinzon

19. Final group shot.

Hear about our YCEs on the BBC World Service here and read the Wired feature here.