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23 March 2014

Creative Hubs Forum

Hubs are made up of clusters, networks, incubators and collectives, each bringing a tribe of creative people and organisations together to compete on a larger scale. Our Creative Hubs Forum began to delve into this new world...

We brought together over 40 'hubs' from the UK, Portugal, Spain and Europe to learn a bit more about the fabric of these fast growing 'people magnets' and understand how the British Council can play a part in their progress.

The three day forum provided a space for 'hub managers' to meet, exchange methodologies and develop local, national and European networks. Understanding the variety of business and funding models helped bring together the people who are driving these hot houses to discuss what barriers they were experiencing. It was one of the first events of its kind and proved to be a great source of information for our programming activities across Iberia and Europe.

Folded into the hubs mix from the UK were: Andrew Sleigh of Lighthouse, Mathew Trivett of Near Now, Jamie Coleman of Code Base, Dean Brown of Fabrica and Catherine Docherty as lead facilitator.

There is a real need for policy makers to understand the value in these economy kickstarters and also a support and connection mechanism for the people leading them, and that's where our part will be played over the next few years in Iberia and beyond.

The Creative Hubs Forum was organised by the British Council in partnership with ADDICT and Oliva Creative Factory, taking place from 12-14 February in São João da Madeira, Portugal.

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