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12 December 2013

Culture Shift: Brazil

Creative and digital minds came together in Rio to create innovative solutions to everyday problems during our Culture Shift programme in February 2014.

Culture Shift is designed to create new ways of working in our ever-changing environment, enabling people to connect, collaborate and network across sectors while unlocking techonological innovations

Participants worked together with DIY Kit Company Technology Will Save Us and MobContent, a Rio-based digital content agency run by one of our Young Creative Entrepreneurs, Marcus Ferreira.

Over the 3 day hackathon, we brought together 36 coders, hackers, makers, creative technologists and entrepreneurs.  Our programme involved inspirational talks, ideation workshops and prototyping techniques before forming the groups and embarking on the 48 hour hack itself.

'One of the most common and largest problems in Rio is transportation with three of the groups choosing to tackle this as their issue. One group developed a prototype for an interactive bus stop that inspires social interaction, by getting two people to work together to start a fan blowing to keep them cool. Another group designed a wearable bracelet device that allows you to track how far away your children are on the beach'   Technology Will Save Us

(c) Technology Will Save Us

Each group took to the streets with their ideas in order to get feedback which helped modify their prototypes before presenting them to a panel of judges. 

The winning team, who designed an Oyster card-type prototype to let buses know how many people are waiting at the bus stop and to prioritise certain bus routes, was awarded 5000BRL to develop their idea further.

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