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22 March 2013

Creative Industries Development in Macedonia

Agreement signed between Ministry of Culture and British Council in Macedonia to develop creative industries in Macedonia.

@ British Council

The Ministry of Culture and the British Council in Macedonia have agreed to collaborate in the development of the creative industries in Macedonia this year.The agreement includes activities intended to encourage skills development and to boost the cooperation between the sectors of culture and economy, with an objective to use the creative potential for economic development.

The document was signed by Culture Minister, Elizabeta Kanceska-Milevska and British Council Director Eleonora Zaprova, thus making the cooperation between the institutions since 2009 official. The collaboration to date has resulted in several activities, workshops, conferences, including a study “Mapping the Creative Industries in Macedonia” and the Forum on creative industries held in June 2012 in Skopje.

Trainings financed by the ministry and the British Council will take place later this year according to a model developed by the UK agency Nesta.

“According to data provided by Nesta, over 180.000 creative businesses are expected to be opened in 2013 generating new 150.000 jobs. The British Council as an organisation, focusing on values such as creativity, professionalism and mutual support, plays the role of initiator of new international cooperation, fresh ideas and creator of an atmosphere for dialogue between institutions,” Zaprova stated.

For more information about our Creative Economy work in Macedonia, please visitBritish Council Macedonia's website.