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24 February 2013

UK-Indonesia: Stepping in the Right Direction

The first meeting of the Joint Working Group for Creative Industries development between UK and Indonesia took place last week, building on the MoU between the two countries signed in November 2012.

@ British Council Indonesia

Jakarta Fashion Week, November 2012.

The Joint Working Group convened for the first time on Thursday 21st February 2013 at the British Council Offices in London and in Jakarta via video link to discuss the implementation of the commitments outlined in the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), signed last Autumn between the UK government and the Republic of Indonesia.

The MoU followed from a successful partnership that linked British Council (BC), Femina Media Group for Jakarta Fashion Week (JFW), UK’s Centre of Fashion Enterprise (CFE), and the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy (MTCE).

The MoU strengthens the connection between the UK and Indonesia for exchange of information and share of best practice, knowledge, and resources. It provides a framework to replicate the success of the Fashion partnership for the other Creative Industries such as performing arts, film and animation, arts and crafts and design.

The Joint Working Group includes members from the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, Keith Davies (Director of British Council Indonesia), and Beatrice Pembroke (Director of Creative Economy).In addition, representing UK creative industries are Sian Prime (Director MA Cultural Entrepreneurship, GoldsmithsUniversity) Dinah Caine (Chief Executive of Creative Skillset) Gillian Baker (UKTI – Head of Creative Product team) and Keith Nichol (representing Department for Culture Media and Sport.)

Benefits to the United Kingdom

The activities resulting from this MoU will engage the best of British creative talent to develop innovative, high-quality events and collaborations involving artists, fashion designers, creative entrepreneurs, fashion institutions and communities in both Indonesia and the UK.

Not only will it involve a bigger and more ambitious collaborative programme that taps into the 240 million growing population in Indonesia, it will maintain and upscale Indonesia’s government trust and faith in the UK as a role model and exemplar of best practice for the creative economy expertise.

With the increase of UK art and opportunities for UK artists and practitioners in Indonesia and the region, it will develop new and emerging UK talent talent by giving them international exposure and learning. All in all, this will develop new models of showcasing UK work abroad in a spirit of mutuality, exchange and long-term partnerships.

Benefits to Indonesia

The MoU will open doors to Indonesian creative entrepreneurs to further develop businesses to create employment and economic growth for Indonesia, where the creative industries will develop local, regional and international influence.

The Indonesian tourist industry grows as tourists recognize Indonesian creative industries and events and begin to identify with/consume unique products and designs. Further, the Indonesian creative industries will have a developing showcase for its products, new co-design opportunity with designers and create employment and economic growth.