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5 February 2013

Culture Shift: Kenya

The second round of Culture Shift Kenya is quickly approaching, taking place 15th and 18th-20th February at Pawa254 – a fantastic new hub on the scene for both creatives and innovators in Nairobi!

@ iHub Nairobi

This year we’ll be bringing together digital developers and creative entrepreneurs to work collaboratively on eye-opening ideas for the ‘digital moving image’ in Kenya - both in terms of new creative content and inspiring mechanisms for its distribution and exhibition. This could mean anything from films and animation, to mobile apps!

Critical questions such as “What creative products and processes - and platforms to support them - can be explored in Kenya’s current multimedia and transmedia context?” will provoke participants to consider innovative opportunities for growth in East Africa’s creative industries, as well as potential solutions to the current challenges its practitioners face.

During the event itself at Pawa254, ideas will be developed to a prototype form, presented and judged by a panel of key industry specialists. A cash prize of £5000 will be awarded to the most promising team, or teams, for further developing their ideas in partnership with local creative agencies.

With a focus on initial ideas generation and creative ‘hacking’, we’ll be looking for creatively disruptive, feasible solutions, with the development of strategic business plans supported through longer term team-based mentoring. This element will also be developed in conjunction with the rest of the winning Culture Shift teams in the Sub-Saharan Africa region (Zimbabwe, Nigeria and South Africa) and through a newly developed centralized web platform – soon to be launched!

Kenya’s Culture Shift is being co-produced between Tim Kindberg of Pervasive Media Studio (Bristol) and David Muriithi of Creative Enterprise Centre (Nairobi), with core, local creative organizations such as Buni TV and Kwani Trust bringing both participants from their networks and ‘provocation themes’ to the table.

The UK creative digital mentors for Culture Shift Kenya II are filmmaker Nathan Hughes and digital strategist Andrew Mugoya, Technical Director of Asilia. We are also thrilled to have Jo Morrison, Director of Digital Projects at Central St Martins, as one of our esteemed panellists who will also be in Nairobi leading a digital learning workshop for East Africa’s first diploma in creative entrepreneurship, managed through the GoDown Arts Centre.


The themes (submitted by our partners)that our participants will be getting to work on are -

  • The digital image for social change (Pawa 254)
  • The mobile video experience (
  • The role of sound and music in African film (
  • Funding to produce (Apes in Space)
  • Filming, editing, distributing and viewing by mobile (Slum TV)
  • Transmedia storytelling and multi-platform distribution (Kwani)
  • Interactively navigating the neighbourhood (Go Down)

Find out about more Culture Shifts happening soon in Zimbabwe and South Africa!